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Kiosk Components


One of the weak links in any system is the printer. The printer has to be reliable - a simple paper jam can render the entire kiosk inoperable. Thermal printers are a very efficient and reliable mechanism with a proven history. We have experience with a number of brands of printers including: Star Micronics, Epson, Bocca & Practical.

We generally recommend the printers be fitted with an optional presenter. The presenter delivers receipts to the user only after being completely printed. If forgotten by the user, receipts can be retracted back to an internal disposal box. This improves security and reduces site visits for paper jams.

Card Readers

There are basically 2 options when it comes to card readers, insert or swipe. We are able to fit either to most kiosks. Insert card readers are more expensive but have the advantage of being predominately mounted inside the enclosure, which makes the card reader significantly more durable and secure from vandalism.

From a functionality point of view both insert and swipe readers are similar and are available as single, dual, three track, Bi-directional or pin on chip readers.

EFTPOS Terminals

These are a bank specific solution, so it would necessitate working with your choice of bank and then sourcing the units that they have approved for use. We have fitted a variety of terminals from a number of suppliers including Veriphone & Ingenico. Generally for fitting an EFTPOS terminal the unit would also require a dedicated phone line.


There are a number of options available when it comes to keyboards.  The first is a standard keyboard and mouse, the same sort of components that you would find being used with a desktop PC.  These components are inexpensive but the reality is they are not designed for the rigors of public usage.  They will function in a kiosk environment but will need constant maintenance and frequent replacement.


The second option is a Tamper proof, impact resistant stainless steel keyboard, and trackball.  These keyboards are durable and reliable, they are IP 65 rated and are designed to withstand the constant abuse of a public environment.  They are however a top of the line solution and generally cost around $400.

Bar Code Scanners

It is important to use a scanner, which is designed to work in conjunction with your kiosk environment.  We use an omni-directional scanner.  This minimizes the need for precise positioning of the scanning symbol, and helps to create an intuitive self- scanning solution.  We also ensure that we use a scanner, which have an integrated beeper, this alerts a user as to when a successful scan has taken place.

As a part of our design process we also carefully position the scanner so that it minimizes the risk of light flashing which could lead to eye damage.

Coin & Note Mechanisms

We can supply and fit an extremely robust, cost-effective, compact bill acceptor solution. This solution can be used in either an up or down note stacking configuration and also has the option of a lockable cashbox

We can also offer a wide range of coin validators for a variety of applications, these can be used as a stand alone component or in conjunction with a note validator.

PC Components

As standard all of our kiosks come with an industrial computer, however we can configure your PC to suit your exact requirements. Dual core, Quad core, AMD, intel, Solid state drives - let us know what you are using your kiosk for and we will be able to offer you the most cost effective solution to suit your needs.




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