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CNXN Kiosk Systems

CNXN builds interactive kiosks that are highly confiigurable and the following are just some examples of recent projects. We consult with you to design and develop kiosks that are highly customized to incorporate your brand and specific needs. We also have several pre-configured options

CW 002:
Based on Intel’s Atom processor this wall mountable configuration is a high performance system with display and touch screen functionality. Ideally suited for locations where space is a premium and full transactional functionality is not needed. Can be used to run a wide variety of media such as images, movies, flash and all types of kiosk software. Typical locations would be airports, rail and bus stations, malls, hospitals, movie theaters, exhibitions and educational institutes. These sleek models are very portable and serve as a great movable informational display.


CF 004: Based on Intel’s Atom processor this free standing model is highly configurable, high performance, efficient solution. The floor standing model (that comes with frosted acrylic sheets and back lighting) is ideally suited for environments where the kiosk body will be used for publicity. Housed in a an all-weather enclosure this system can be used in most indoor and outdoor locations.

CNXN  machines are custom built with best of breed components rugged to withstand extreme operation conditions built to customers needs (eg: outdoor and industrial conditions) and come at prices that are atleast 40% lower than what is available in the market. We have been able to achieve these prices by taking advantage of new technologies like thin clients and the Atom series of processors. Apart from the low cost of acquisition, the new kiosks also have low overall cost of operation due to their frugal  power consumption.


Content management system (CMS)

Our CMS is an easy-to-use software which enables users without programming or design expertise to easily enter text or upload pictures and media files.

Best of all, the software runs directly from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers, making it possible for any designated employees in the organization to update kiosk information as needed.

Features and Benefits:

CMS updates can be done from a browser:
Makes it easy for anyone in the organization to update kiosk content without having to install any software on their desktop PCs.
Sophisticated security and control:
Users assigned to update kiosk content can only view and change information which is related to their role or department.
Easy-to-use interface:
Our CMS interface has been specially designed to make it easy to enter information; anyone who knows how to use a browser can use our CMS.
Flexible content types:
Our CMS is able to handle text, pictures, media files and even charts!
Runs on Windows or Linux servers:
Our CMS can be run from a Windows or Linux server, making it easy for companies to choose the most appropriate platform for their needs.
Low server system requirements:
The CMS can run on practically any server, or even on desktop systems. Therefore most under-utilized servers in your organization could be used to run the CMS server.
Automatic synchronization with kiosks:
No need to manually update the content on the kiosks, the CMS automatically copies new and updated files to kiosks as required.
Built for offline mode:
Once the content has been copied to the kiosk, users are able to browse even if network connectivity is no longer available. Our CMS only uses the network to copy content from the CMS server to the kiosk. (Note: If the kiosk needs to display dynamic content or process transactions, then an always-on network connection needs to be available.)

Ecommerce Platform

CNXN has developed the next generation of kiosk e-commerce platform.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing kiosk, digital signage and other systems to provide an interactive service to your customers. Pluggable modules provide customized functionality. Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows virtually any ecommerce provider to integrate with our service easily (more).

To learn more about this product contact us.


Maintenance is part of the process of all projects to ensure the system is operating optimally. For hassle-free operation, you can let us maintain your kiosk or digital signage for you. 
Please contact us to learn more or schedule a live demo of our products.


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