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Interactive Kiosks

Interactive or Self Service Kiosks are computerized devices often using a touch screen to efficiently provide information or conduct transactions. They are growing in popularity everywhere from airports, supermarkets and many other public places. In general, an interactive kiosk consists of a physical enclosure that holds any necessary hardware, such as a touch screen display, central processing unit, speakers, a printer and a input device. In addition, these systems house software applications that can store information, conduct transactions, send messages and sometimes dispense products to consumers.

The location of a kiosk is critical for a successful deployment. CNXN will consult with you in indentifying and optimizing the location (based on our experience, traffic patterns etc). They can provide consumers with instant electronic access to a range of communications, information, and products. Using computer kiosks, consumers can also conduct specific transactions. Organizations often use interactive kiosk systems in order to cut their staff costs.

An Internet kiosk is a type of interactive kiosk system that allows the public to access the Internet or to check their email. Internet kiosks often look like telephone booths, and they are usually located in public areas of airports, hospitals or hotels. 

Other types of kiosk systems may provide photo or ticketing booking services. These kiosks are typically self-service and permit consumers to print photographs from digital images, book and/or pick up tickets for a movie or a concert. ATM kiosks allow customers to conduct banking transactions, like withdrawing cash, making account transfers, or depositing money. 

The trend in the industry is to offer a specialized and often location-based service. Kiosks will evolve in several different forms, and make it possible to conduct a specific number of different tasks quickly and efficiently.



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